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One Card via Text or Email

This is a quick reading for immediate answers on the go! 

With the one card reading, you can begin to get in touch with common themes, questions, advice and obstacles to explore for the next few days. 

This reading may help you make sense of events in your life, connect more meaningfully and which oppurtunites to say yes to or to pass to. 



1. After you purchase the product, EMAIL your question AND WHERE I SHOULD SEND THE RESPONSE TO to TAROTPHIL@GMAIL.COM. (I can send your response to email, text, or facebook chat.) 

2. I will pull a card, interpret your card, and send you a response via your preferred method. 



While I typically have a rapid response time, it is possible that I am in the middle of another reading, or sleeping (I live on the East Coast), therefore, you will receive a reponse from me within 24 hours. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A RESPONSE FROM ME, CHECK YOUR JUNK EMAIL AND/OR EMAIL ME AGAIN. 

One Card via Text or Email

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