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My name is Phil. 

I am a true jersey boy, born and raised at the Jersey Shore! 

Usually, one of the first things people ask me these days is, “How did you become a tarot reader?”


I have always been fascinated with the world of the tarot, having many readings done on me at fairly young age. 


Part of me was skeptical, my friends and family thought I was wasting my money in getting readings done, however, after following the advice of the tarot, my life changed for the better! 

Using and applying the advice from the readings I got, my personal, professional and all other aspects of my life blossomed! 


I am captivated by divination, magic, and the idea that there are unseen powers and forces at work within us, and around us to guide and protect us.

It doesn't help that I was born under a leo sun, which makes me warm-hearted, in love with life, always trying to laugh and have a good time. As a leo, I use my mind to solve even the most difficult problems. The expectation is that a leo will easily take initiative in resolving various complicated situations, hence my turning to the tarot. 


After every tarot reading I received, I was constantly told of "my gift" - that is my relationship with metaphysical power of the tarot. 

After receiving a divine intervention, and conversations with a medium in 2017,  I decided to commit to tarot as a practice, and a way of life. 

                                                  I believe that tarot is a powerful tool that can help all of us connect to                                                          our  intuition and our higher selves. The cards aren’t always what hold                                                        the answers; often, I find that they like to show us that we’ve known .                                                            what  to do all along, and in that way, they help to reinforce our own                                                               intuitive strengths.

                                                  While reading, I always to look to the past to help chart a course for the                                                      future. Though it may not be fully understood, everything happens for a                                                      reason, and we don't always know what to do or how to handle every situation ... we can turn to the tarot to help us! 

In my experience, tarot can help us better understand the paths we are meant to be on and the choices that are available to us. Tarot can give us the clarity we’ve been looking for; I’ve seen time and time again that a reading can bring the push that someone needs to get unstuck, or to get a shift in perspective that opens up whole new possibilities.

In my private practice, I customize open readings to each client’s situation or inquiry. I like to get creative with my tarot spreads, because every client brings a unique situation and perspective to their session and I want to honour that.

Although I have taken several classes on studying the world of the tarot, much of my practice has been organic: Like many readers, I have spent years studying tarot on my own.

No matter what I’m doing, I love momentum, creativity, and change. If

you’re looking to seize the future, I would love to help you. Whether it’s

through a tarot or astrology reading, creative coaching, or helping you

uncover your own intuitive path through a class or mentorship, let’s make

something happen.


It’s been my experience that many have the knowledge they seek deep

within them, and simply need the right spiritual guidance to find the

answers they have buried inside.

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